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Lamex Aviation is a subsidiary of Lamex Group

At Lamex, however, we do not rest on our successes alone. We have developed methods and tools for continuous improvement, working with our customers in collaborative ways to ensure that we always strive to be the best

About us

Lamex Aviation & Air Services is a diverse and dynamic organization that operates in a challenging industry, where the only real constant is change. Therefore, it is imperative to our customers that Lamex Aviation be able to navigate challenges on their behalf in order to keep their operations and their businesses running smoothly.

Key Benefits for our customers: Cost, Quality, Best Practice, Partnership, Focus, Expert

- COST -Reduction of handling rates and improved cost transparency with - QUALITY – Improve and/or maintain quality of aircraft handling services with the implementation of the proven ”Lamex Formula” - BEST PRACTICE – Benefit from our experience at more than 100 airports. - PARTNERSHIP – provides the full benefit of collaborating with Lamex Aviation as a strategic partner. - FOCUS – The Hub & Base concept allows the airline to focus on their core business. - EXPERTISE – Vast Hub and base management experience in 18 stations around the globe.

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